Seamless Accounts Receivable Outsourcing

A/R Outsource provides quick and cost efficient solutions for organizations to leverage best receivables practices with minimal capital investment. Our solutions are designed to automate most processes from generating invoices, sending bills, receiving & collecting payments, and syncing customer data.

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Automate each step of your A/R process

Easily Create & Send InvoicesSimple yet powerful billing solutions

Print and Mail - We'll print, fold, insert and mail your invoices and statements at discounted rates.

Electronic Billing - Email delivery and notifications of statements/invoices.

Custom Design - Optmize design for readability and payment conversion.

1-1 Marketing - Target messaging on high-volume outbound printed and electronic documents.

Our postal automation services lower postage rates

Receive PaymentsCustomer facing payment solutions

Online Payments Portal - Provides customers with accounts for viewing statements and paying bills online.

Phone IVR Payments - Accept payments from automating phone system.

Merchant Services - Secure and reliable debit and credit card processing solution.

Lockbox Service - Automates the process of sorting, opening, posting, depositing and managing consumer payments.

Our custom invoice designs & flexible payment options reduces DSO

Collections Made EasySave your team the hassle

Pre-Collection Program - Flat-fee Series of communication designed to keep your slow-paying customers from becoming non-paying ones.

Past Due Scripts - carefully written and designed commuincations to maintain positive brand image

Support Team - live contact from our call center by personnel who specialize in large—and even small—balance commercial accounts.

Contingency Stage Partners - Collecting accounts with minimal effort on your part to have account information flow into contingency phase.

Our collections services are cost effective and scalable

Centralized Archive & Sync24/7 access to reports & documents

Centralized - All documents are located in the cloud.

Visibility - Can be accessed by employee personel and vendors with appropriate credentials.

Audit & Reporting - All documents are linked together for audit and reporting purposes.

Accounting Sync - Sync accounting systems for streamlined book keeping.

Our reports include return mail tracking data for projecting future cash flows
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In-House billing, collections, and document management comes with many issues

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A/R Outsource enabled our business to send invoices in bulk and receive payments remotely while reducting collection costs by 60%

Turn A/R into a strategic function

We'll ensure the long term success and effiency of A/R department. With over 25 years of optimizing business back office processes, we've fined tuned the process and are committed to helping you simplify your workflow and lower processing costs.

  • 25% Reduction in DSO
  • < 1% Error & Fraud Rate
  • 99% Partner Satisfaction

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