AR Solutions: Billing, Payments, Collections & Reporting

Create InvoicesSend Multi-Channel

Custom Design - Optmize design for readability and payment conversion.

1-1 Marketing - Target messaging on high-volume outbound printed and electronic documents.

Print and Mail - We'll print, fold, insert and mail your invoices and statements at discounted rates.

Electronic Billing - Email, text message notifications of statements/invoices.

Create & Send AR Invoices
Recievables Payments Processing

Get Paid FasterMore payment options from all devices

Online Payments Processing - Provide customers with statements and online bill pay.

Phone IVR Payments - Accept payments from automating phone system.

Merchant Services - Secure and reliable debit and credit card processing solution.

Lockbox Service - Automates the process of sorting, opening, posting, depositing and managing consumer payments.

Cost-Effective CollectionsCollect past due accounts without the hassle

Pre-Collection Program - Flat-fee Series of communication designed to keep your slow-paying customers from becoming non-paying ones.

Past Due Scripts - carefully written and designed commuincations to maintain positive brand image

Support Team - live contact from our call center by personnel who specialize in large—and even small—balance commercial accounts.

Contingency Stage Partners - Collecting accounts with minimal effort on your part to have account information flow into contingency phase.

AR Collections
AR Reporting & Documents Storage

Centralized Archive, Reports, & SyncingAlways connected to your business data & accounting systems

Centralized - All documents are located in the cloud.

Visibility - Can be accessed by employee personel and vendors with appropriate credentials.

Audit & Reporting - All documents are linked together for audit and reporting purposes.

Accounting Sync - Sync accounting systems for streamlined book keeping.

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